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Are you looking for a Stump removal contractor in Newtownville? West-Hill Stump Removal is the right tree grinding service and choice for you! Simply put, we are the most trusted and experienced Tree Stump Removal since 1995.

We are committed to excellent customer service, quality workmanship, prompt service and competitive, affordable pricing.

Digging out a tree stump is not an easy task. Hiring us, Newtonville stump removal will save you time, energy and money.

Stumps and roots, which stay alive long after a tree is cut down, can be a tripping hazard and difficult to mow around. Leaving your stump in the ground, can lead to unwanted pests and insect infestations (rodents, termites, ants, etc.).

Removing the stump will improve the look of your property. Once your stump is removed, you can replant and grow grass, or shrubs in the location to make it look as if the stump was never there.

 How to Calculate Cost:

Calculating the cost of removing/grinding a stump is fairly easy. A little measuring and some simple calculations and you’re done.

Using a measuring tape, measure across the stump at its widest point just above ground level.  If the grounds are humped up around the stump, extend the diameter to the outer edges of the humped area.

See illustrations on how to measure properly.

Price per diameter measurement, taken at its widest point where it’s cut off near the ground:

We charge $8.00’’ per inch.  Discount for more than one stump removal. (Depending conditions)

Minimum $200.00 charge.

Inches Cost Per Inch Total HST Total
26″ and under Min charge $200.00 $26.00 $226.00
28″ $8 $224.00 $29.00 $253.00
32″ $8 $256.00 $33.00 $289.00
36″ $8 $288.00 $37.00 $325.00
40″ $8 $320.00 $42.00 $362.00
44″ $8 $352.00 $46.00 $398.00
48″ $8 $384.00 $50.00 $434.00
52″ $8 $416.00 $54.00 $470.00
  • Always measure the widest point of the stump area.
  • There may be additional charges for larger roots.
  • We are equipped with powerful, compact equipment, that requires a minimum clearance of 36’’inches through any entrance (gated) area.

If we can get to it, we will remove it!

 Senior Discount available!

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