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Pickering Interlocking Paver Provider

West Hill Landscaping is a specialist in Unilock interlocking  – pavers for driveways, walkways patios and more in Pickering.

We believe when it comes to interlocking your driveway or patio, you want to get the job done right and have your paving turn out the way you expected or better.

Pickering Interlocking PaverOur Pickering interlocking paver not only can pave your driveway with interlocking pavers, but they can also help with the entire paving design and all your landscaping needs. There are many different driveway paving designs to choose from and it will vary on the size of your driveway and also your budget. Some of the other factors o price when it comes to driveway paving are the types of interlocking stones you want to use. When you’re ready to start your driveway paving just give us a call and we will have one of our Pickering driveway interlocking – pavers out to your resident to provide your with a free no obligation quote.

The quote process will involve our Pickering pavers giving you an idea on the design if you don’t already have a design in mind and they will bring along some stone examples for you to view and they will also have books for your to view even more stone examples.

Our Pickering paver will provide you with some different pricing options based on a few different interlocking stone options and give you an estimated time-frame on completing you interlocking paving project.

West-Hill Landscaping, Your Pickering Interlocking Paving  Stone Experts!

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