Dear Bill,

I am writing this as a letter of reference that you are free to show to anyone who is contemplating doing business with you. For the record, I started in the real estate industry in 1968 and have worn various hats. I have worked with trades extensively and for many years ran a major renovation business and new home construction company. I know all of the stories about trades who fail to keep their promises, never show up or overcharge. Not only have I heard them, I have experienced them all.

When I decided to rectify major problems with flooding and years of neglect by the previous owner of my home I shopped around for a landscaping professional and found West-Hill Landscaping. Eventually I had all of the walkways around my home replaced, new full patio installed, the rear and front lawns stripped, levelled and resodded, a 50 foot raised stone flower bed installed and most importantly a drainage system under the rear lawn to deal with my constant flooding problem. I am the lowest yard in my area and hence I catch the runoff from my neighbours which was driving me crazy is the spring and in the aftermath of rain storms as my rear yard was under water for weeks on end.

In the end, I spent many tens of thousands of dollars. But in the end my house value has been increased, my yards look fantastic, especially the rear yard, the water problem is gone and through the entire process your great crew showed up on time, put in hard days of work and save for foul weather, there were no delays. All promises were met, all work was exceptional and the costs were more than reasonable. I liked the fact that even when the job was completed you kept coming back to ensure that things were looking good and that you had such pride in your work.

Recommend West Hill? I can state that I have extensive photos of the before, during and after with my job and you are free to bring people by my home (please call first) as I would state that anyone completemplating landscaping work can not do better than West Hill. You came to me as a stranger, you left as a friend.

It was great to have had you do my work despite my sometimes exacting demands.

You have earned my respect.


Barry A. Lebow

FRI, CRF, CRA, C-CREC, DAC, IFAS Professional Land Economist Arbitrator and Mediator

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Hi Bill,

Thanks for the before and after pictures, you can really see what an improvement it was!

Our home had it’s interlocking stone drive way installed when it was built in 1983, it had not had much maintenance on it since original construction, and it was really showing its age. It was heavily stained and had sagged in many places.

West Hill-Landscaping & Unicare Sealing did an amazing job restoring the look of the stone by carefully cleaning the surface, re-levelling it, and sealing it, so it now looks almost as good as new.

With the results that we saw with our driveway, I would not hesitate to recommend West Hill Landscaping & Unicare Sealing to restore your interlocking stone driveway.”

Stuart Cook

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Dear Bill,

We were extremely happy with the results of your landscaping in the front of our house. You completely transformed the appearance of the house, and we have had several comments from neighbours that the property has much more presence on the street. The new front steps have not budged an inch and the sealing has really protected them and improved the look.

You were a pleasure to deal with West-hill Landscaping & Unicare Sealing and we would not hesitate to recommend your work.

Shane Stevenson

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Dear Mr. Proskov and crew,

You did an amazing job. Your crew worked as an A1 team to complete the project in five days. Your professionalism, dedication and input also allowed me to work with you and exchanges ideas. You transformed my home into a masterpiece. I would not hesitate to recommend West-Hill Landscaping and Unicare Sealing. Once again, thank you Mr. Proskov for an amazing transformation of our property.

Thank you kindly,

Dr. Tashko Gyoshev

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Dear Bill,

Thank you for doing a great job on our backyard Patio. Our Hot Tub arrived on Nov 13 and everything looks good.

When looking for someone to do the work I wanted to have the job done ‘once’ by someone who I knew was honest and would take pride in their work and be willing to back it up.

I was delighted with you workmanship. You are a big perfectionist and I know the job is done well because you wouldn’t have it any other way.

An added bonus was your proficiency with the Internet and online tools. It made communication much easier.

Thanks, and I will highly recommend Bill Proskov and Westhill Landscaping for any Landscaping work.

I look forward to working with you in the future.


Deepti Neto

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Dear Bill,

My wife and I just want to express our thanks to you and your work crew for the great job you had done on our retaining wall and our flagstone steps.

Before we met you our retaining wall was leaning and ready to collapse. The stones on our steps were fragmenting and crumbling in front of our house. Now our house looks remarkably different and many of our neighbors and friends have complimented us on your work.

We were greatly impressed and would definitely recommend your services to anyone.


Tarek El Dewy, CFA

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Thanks for letting me know about the grill. Appreciate it. Please just have a new one made up to replace it.

Think you guys are doing great job out front and your integrity and honesty has been a refreshing change from others in your industry.

Have a good weekend. See you monday.

Keith McSpurren

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